Wrangell Museum, Wrangell, Alaska

C120J6 Alaska. Exhibits in the Wrangell Museum, Wrangell, Southeast Alaska.

In the Inside Passage of Alaska sits the small town of Wrangell. Though it may not be the biggest in the region, this cozy town is home to several notable attractions, one being the Wrangell Museum.

For a small museum, it is a remarkably well-curated walk through time. As you stroll through the exhibits, thousands of years of history unfold before your eyes, from the Tlingit peoples before European contact all the way to the early 20th century United States.

The museum houses an impressive collection of some of the oldest surviving Tlingit house posts, masks, and woven baskets, well-preserved and available to observe as you pass through the museum, alongside a collection of more than 3,000 early photographs from the region. The museum also has a significant amount of detail about the Klondike Gold Rush that rocked the region, making Wrangell a boomtown and paving the way for it to be the place it is today.

Most people visit Wrangell as a cruise port of call; if that’s how you arrive in Wrangell, carve out the time for a visit to the Wrangell Museum at the Nolan Center where the Visitor Center is located. To learn more about the museum, visit nolancenter.org. Learn more about Wrangell at travelalaska.com/Destinations/Cities-Towns/Wrangell.