Wildlife Watching in Desolation Sound, Lund

The throaty bellowing of sea lions penetrated the wind and drowned out the low rumble of the slowing motor. Six passengers, snugly buckled into insulated floatation jackets, sat in the sturdy Zodiac Hurricane operated by Terracentric Coastal Adventures, cameras and binoculars trained on a colony of Steller sea lions sunning themselves on a rocky outcropping.

The motor stopped and the bellowing grew more insistent, no doubt because of our presence about 100 yards away, not close enough to make them abandon their spot in the sun.

Desolation Sound is a broad waterway in the Inside Passage that separates Vancouver Island from the B.C. mainland. It’s a wild region of long inlets, dense forests and towering peaks, with sparse human habitation. Besides sea lions, common sights are bald eagles, orcas and otters.

The launch point for Terracentric’s tours is Lund, the northernmost village on B.C.’s scenic Sunshine Coast. Besides Terracentric, tiny Lund is home to an exceptional bakery, famous for its sticky buns (downstairs from Terracentric), and a charming boardwalk restaurant (named The Boardwalk Restaurant) with what may be the best fish & chips on the planet.

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