White Salmon’s Art + Wine Fusion

Photo © Jacob Williams Winery

In a perfect Saturday blend of local wine, cider, art, music, and cuisine: White Salmon’s Art & Wine Fusion Festival creates an ideal mid-summer day’s trip.

On July 23, White Salmon will dedicate their entire town to the event, closing down roads across the city to give visitors opportunity to stroll, sit, and even dance in the street. For wine-tasting, visit either of the two large tasting tents capping both ends of the festival. Each tent houses up to 10 wineries and cideries to taste and enjoy. While sampling beverages, be sure to taste local White Salmon micro brews.

If you’re looking to take wine home, feel free to buy a bottle or buy wine barrel furniture to make wine a more permanent fixture in your home. Other shopping opportunities include jewelry, fashion and metal art.

With your day of walking, make sure to fuel yourself from the booths set up by local restaurants in and around White Salmon.

Special activities include a bike parade, magicians and balloon art. For more information on the 12th Annual Art & Wine Fusion Festival, go to: http://www.artwinefusion.com/.