Where Dinosaurs Roamed

Photo Courtesy of Alamy, F98BB1

The Lakota Tribe called this territory Makoshika, meaning “bad land” or “bad earth.” Today, Makoshika (at 11,538 acres) is Montana’s largest state park. Its claim to fame is not only its photo-worthy badlands with their dramatic rock formations, but also dinosaur fossils. This was where creatures like Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops roamed.

At the entrance to the park, a visitor center offers interesting interpretive exhibits about the park’s history, geology and fossil remains. Here, a Triceratops skull is on display, giving visitors an idea of the scale of the creatures that once lived in the region.

The park offers hiking trails, campsites and picnic areas. Roads through the scenic badlands allow easy exploration of the park. Special events also take place in the park, such as Montana Shakespeare in the Park and the Buzzard Day Festival in June.

Makoshika State Park is located about 3 hours east of Billings off Interstate 94. Plan your visit and find out about scheduled events at stateparks.mt.gov/makoshika. To learn more about visiting Glendive, go to visitglendive.com.