Visit Spokane for the Holidays

by Nick Neely | Photo Winter in Riverfront Park

Eastern Washington offers a perfect white winter for those seeking the ideal place to celebrate the holidays. This year, Spokane offers a great selection of events for visitors and residents alike.

Here are just a few events in Spokane happening during the holiday season:

November 22, Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert: The Trans-Siberian Orchestra takes classical music and twists it into a performance accessible and enjoyable by casual and experienced concert-goers alike.

November 22 – November 24, Wine Festival: Experience Eastern Washington through its grapes with the Spokane Wine Festival.

November 22 – December 19, Ice-Skating in Spokane: When you do your holiday shopping in downtown Spokane, you will receive a free coupon to enjoy the public skating rink.

No matter where you travel for the holidays, remember to purchase your tickets and schedule your travels before the rush.