Vertical Adventures at Smith Rock, Central Oregon

Credit Visit Central Oregon

Just 26 miles north of Bend, Oregon, sits one of the finest rock-climbing destinations in the country. One of the routes in the scenic Smith Rock State Park was the first rock climbing route in the United States to be given one of the highest ratings on the Yosemite Scale, a standard system of rating walks, hikes and climbs. There are thousands of climbing routes, attracting climbers from all over—from beginning to expert—to scale Smith Rock, giving their all on one of the nation’s finest.

Of course, one doesn’t have to be a prodigious rock climber to enjoy this state park—the destination also features many year-round hiking and mountain biking routes that range in difficulty level, along with camping and plenty of wildlife-viewing opportunities.

Chockstone Climbing Guides provide many levels of climbing instruction and guided climbs at Smith Rock. Novices should learn the ropes with an expert before attempting even the simplest route.

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