Unique Golfing at Silvies Valley Ranch, Seneca, Oregon

The Links at Silvies Valley Ranch in Eastern Oregon recently welcomed two new caddies to their team who graduated top of their class in caddie boot camp. They were selected from over 300 candidates all vying for a coveted spot on the caddie team. Their names are Chunky and Charlie—and they are goats. 

Goat caddies are equipped with a custom backpack designed by Seamus Golf; they carry up to six golf clubs, a dozen golf balls, golf tees, and six cans of refreshment—along with a few dozen peanuts for themselves. 

Goat caddies are available to assist golfers on McVeigh’s Gauntlet, the resort’s 7-hole challenge course designed to help players test their accuracy on a series of undulating par 2, par 3 and par 4s.

Like all caddies, Chunky and Charlie have their own caddy shack (by the clubhouse) where they relax until they’re called. At night, they have caddie quarters in the stable where resort guests can visit and pet them.

Don’t tell Chunky and Charlie, but the ranch has the largest herd of organic meat goats in the world. The goats help improve the sustainable environment at the ranch and are a healthier alternative to other kinds of protein at the ranch’s gourmet restaurant.

For more information on Silvies Valley Ranch or to book your retreat, silvies.us.