Unique Foodie Finds in Lincoln City

Olde Line Lanes & Kitchen | Photo Courtesy of Explore Lincoln City

Dining in Lincoln City is a delicious adventure with a wide selection of restaurants. Where else could you find farm-to-table pizza, fresh sushi and authentic German cuisine?

Backed by seven miles of sandy beach and gorgeous sunsets, these hidden gems are always worth a lunch or dinner on the central Oregon Coast.

1.) A night out bowling with farm-to-table cuisine

Where you’re going: Olde Line Lanes & Kitchen

What you’re getting: Any of their house pizza pies. Twelve inches and served bubbly and charred, try their pizza with Spanish chorizo, including potato, feta cheese, parsley, sauce, mozzarella and topped with an over easy egg. The 1950s-style bowling alley lends itself to a fun and funky atmosphere with a wide open kitchen while you sit in the diner. Add a cold beer or a crisp kombucha to the mix and voila—paradise.

2.) A fresh, fish out of water lunch on a rainy day

Where you’re going: Yatai Sushi

What you’re getting: The Lion King roll—add a bowl of hot miso soup to warm up your taste buds beforehand. The Lion King roll is massive, rolled in sticky white rice, and packed with spicy crab and tempura shrimp, topped with fat pieces of fried salmon katsu, drizzled with wasabi mayo and katsu sauce. Dip each succulent piece of quality fresh fish in a touch of soy sauce as you watch the world go by on Highway 101 from inside Yatai’s cottage house.

3.) An authentic German experience with soul-satisfying comfort food

Where you’re going: Autobahn 101

What you’re getting: The Wiener Schnitzel Dinner with red cabbage and spätzle. Expect a Bavarian flair to this classic German dish, of breaded chicken or pork with white wine gravy served over traditional German noodles with a side of fresh red cabbage. Bring an empty stomach—the portions are not shy and neither is the beautiful burlwood bar top. You’ll likely find a soccer game on one of the big screens or hear a local band rocking out on a Saturday night. Wander back to the games room and the backyard and you may discover two snow white dogs, ready to play and have their ears scratched.

Go to explorelincolncity.com to find more unexpected eats.


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