UnCruise Defines Adventure in Hawaii

Photo Courtesy of UnCruise

Traveling along four islands, adventure is UnCruise’s name and their passion. Uncovering playgrounds that offer the richest, wildest experiences by hike, paddle, with locals and more. It’s all included, and there’s something for everyone in Hawaii. How will you say ‘aloha?’

Authentic: It’s the real deal and then some. A Hawaiian elder shares the breath of aloha. Genuine experiences take hold of your senses, asking you to linger and remember long after you’ve said farewell.

Flexibility: Within the ship’s routes UnCruise is ready to turn, pause and seize opportunity. Linger for whale sprays and bow-riding dolphins. Good day for a beach party? Why not!

Immersive: Swim in a waterfall on a hike in Hawaii’s ancient Halawa Valley. Your senses are awake and engaged, all day, every day.

Small ships: Laid-back with 22-86 guests. That’s it. You get to know your travel comrades quickly, and yet there’s always a quiet corner or empty space on the bow to scout for wildlife and take it all in.

Unmapped: That tempting turn in the trail. Blue water begging for a snorkel. The call of the wild. Rest assured there are maps, but you also get a rush seeking out the unknown.

Explore Hawaii for seven nights, June-September.


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