Trip – Idaho, January & February

photo: Boise Environmental Watershed Education Center; credit Boise Environmental Watershed Education Center

ID1Boise Environmental Watershed Education Center, Boise

In Boise, becoming an expert about environmental issues doesn’t require a college degree, just a visit to the Boise Environmental Watershed Education Center. Through the Watershed and Boise partnership, the education center encourages visitors of all ages to explore hands-on exhibits where they can learn about where their drinking water comes from and ways to conserve water and walk through an actual wastewater pipe that was used in the Boise sewage system. The campus also features artworks made from recycled rubber tires and pipes to create thought provoking sustainable art.

The Boise Watershed River Campus features exhibits that simulate the Boise River landscape and also a classroom right on the river where visitors can test the water quality. Already an expert? The center provides water testing kits to individuals who want to do some exploring on their own. Even the building serves as a teaching tool about sustainability. It achieved a Gold-level Certification through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program, a nationally accepted rating system for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.

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Balanced Rock, Idaho ID2

With the grace of a gyroscope atop a pen tip, so sits the massive boulder on the rock cliff face of Salmon Falls Creek Canyon.

This rock, weighing over 40 tons and measuring 48 feet tall, rests on an earthen pedestal smaller than four square feet.

These terrain defiances of basic physics are rare, but not unheard of. Such formations are usually the result of one of three natural phenomena: glacial deposit, landslides or erosion. The Balanced Rock of Idaho came to be through countless years of wind erosion. Balanced Rock Park sits near the Balanced Rock itself, a little more than a half hour from Twin Falls. While the park is smaller than many, it holds a clean creek for fishing and plenty of room to set up a picnic for those who need a rest stop on their travels.

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