Trip – BC, January & February

Photo Credit Kootenay Rockies Tourism

BC1Skiing in Nelson & Kootenay, BC.

Fresh snow brings the out the best in the mountains. Regardless of what we learned about the virtues of sharing when we were kids, we generally don’t like to share our best slope secrets.

The Selkirk Mountains harbors the secret of Whitewater Ski Resort. Fifteen minutes out of Nelson, Whitewater takes the traditional approach to the slopes, offering little in the way of extraneous amenities (it does have great food, though). Whitewater has remained a local secret rather than an international attraction. Because of this, Whitewater can promise open slopes and fantastic snowfall.

Another treat of the Kootenay area is Snowwater Lodge. With its plentiful snowfall and unlimited heliskiing packages, Snowwater has proved to be a leader in heliskiing resorts. The amenities at Snowwater are nothing short of luxurious, offering everything from iPod docks to down duvets.

Both of these resorts specialize in snowcat skiing, a form of skiing where people make their way to mountaintops by snowcat instead of skilift. This enables individuals to ski in ideal and specific locations.

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