Tree Climbing Planet

Photo by Steve Lilligren

The Pacific Northwest is known for its massive trees, but most people only get to view them from the ground. However, at Tree Climbing Planet in Oregon City, Oregon, you can learn how to safely climb trees and experience them from a new perspective.

Tree Climbing Planet is run by Tim Kovar, a tree-climbing instructor with 20 years of teaching experience. He has led hundreds of tree-climbing classes in locations all over the world, so aspiring tree-climbers are in very capable hands.

At Tree Climbing Planet’s Oregon City home base, there are many class options depending on your skill level and what you hope to get out of the class. The best option for a beginner is the one-day introductory course, which introduces basic climbing techniques, knot-tying and other important skills. Those ready to ascend to tree-climbing perfection would be more suited for the two-day Basic course, or even the Basic Tree Week, which allows you to sleep in a special treetop hammock for a night. To find out which course is right for you, check out the Courses tab on the Tree Climbing Planet website (

If you do choose a multi-day course, Tree Climbing Planet offers the option to camp on their property—but be on the lookout for roaming sheep, horses or cattle. For other lodging options and activities in Oregon City, visit