Travel with your Pampered Pooch

Photo by Dirty Dog Photography | Seattle Barkery

Most dog lovers would do anything for their canine companion. You think of your dog as family, and you want to spend as much time with them as possible. So, it’s reasonable that you’d want to offer them the same opportunities you enjoy—indulgences like massage, getting pampered at the spa and eating decadent treats from a pastry case.

But are such things really possible for those on four legs? And, more importantly, where can you find them? Thanks to some creative Northwest entrepreneurs who clearly love dogs, spoiling your pup human-style while in your hometown or away on vacation has never been easier. We’ll walk you through a full lineup of pam-paw-ring for your furry friend that proves, without a doubt, that luxury has literally gone to the dogs.

Body Treatments
A human would probably start their morning with a little yoga to get the synapses fired, and your dog can do the same in a number of Northwest cities. If you’re traveling to Portland, Oregon, just head to the Hip Hound (, a pet boutique that
offers “paws and reflect” yoga for humans and their canine friends on select days.

For the ultimate spa experience, check out the Spaw Spot in Fife, Washington (, where a full groom includes a bubble bath, body massage, pawdicure yes, with polish—and hairstyle. Your pooch can also get temporary tattoos, fur color, feather extensions, acupuncture, chiropractic and Chinese medicine treatments.

A trendy paw-lish, blueberry facial or creative coat color can be found at Lovable Pets ( in Billings, Montana, which also has a boutique and bakery. In Boise, Idaho, Gucci Pooch ( includes bows/bandanas and cologne with its grooming services, while Escape Canine Retreat & Spa ( offers cucumber melon facials.

In Rupert, Idaho, Four Paws Bed & Bath ( provides custom jewelry, hot oil treatments, massage and pawlish to its clientele. And Compassionate Canine Massage ( in Anchorage, Alaska, specializes in helping your pup work out sore spots from all those glacier hikes.

How Dogs Benefit from Massage
According to certified canine bodyworker Laura Arseneau, dog massage helps your dog with relaxation, pain management, range of motion in joints, easing the effects of aging, reducing emotional problems due to anxiety, trauma and fear and accelerating the healing process after injury or surgery. Dogs love it, and they benefit physically, just like humans.

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