Tillamook Forest Center

Photo by Celeste Ramsay

Forestry has historically been a kingpin in the Northwest economy. And, besides harvesting trees, conservation is a crucial component of the industry. At the Tillamook Forest Center, located in Oregon’s Tillamook State Forest, visitors can learn about the history of logging in the region, the evolution of the industry to find a balance with environmental preservation… and about the remarkable story of The Burn.

From 1933 to 1951, a series of devastating wildfires destroyed more than 350,000 acres of old-growth forest in Oregon’s northern Coast Range, an area that earned the name The Burn. The forest was replanted by hand with more than 1 million seedlings, a remarkable feat that transformed The Burn into what is known today as the Tillamook State Forest.

The 13,500-square-foot Tillamook Forest Center keeps this remarkable conservation story alive. Exhibits include a recreated early Coast Range forest, an early homestead reconstruction, oral histories at audio stations, the history of logging and, of course, the story of The Burn. There’s even a Forest Challenge computer game. The site also houses a functional fire lookout, a themed interpretive trail system and a demonstration forest.

The award-winning Center is a model of sustainable design and construction. Go to tillamookforestcenter.org to learn about visiting the Tillamook Forest Center. To plan a visit to the Tillamook Coast, go to tillamookcoast.com.