Thrill-Seekers Take the Leap in Twin Falls, Idaho

The I.B. Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, is one of the few bridges open to BASE Jumpers year-round. Standing 486 feet above the base of the canyon, the Perrine Bridge is an ideal structure for jumping.  

Visitors can stand on either side of the canyon and watch in awe as BASE jumpers take the big leap. The aerial show put on by the jumpers is truly a spectacle to see. Most jumps take place on the east side of the bridge, but keep an eye out for “dark-side” jumpers on the west side. 
For those daring enough to take a leap from the bridge, Tandem BASE Jumping is available to anyone. You can confidently leave the details to the experts and simply strap in for a heart-pounding experience you’ll never forget. You even might want to do it again.  

While BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge will pump more adrenaline than just about any other activity in Southern Idaho, it isn’t the only exciting adventure you can experience. White-water rafting and kayaking the Snake River are must-do activities. And hiking and backpacking the surrounding hills and canyons are a few of the other adventures scenic Southern Idaho offers. 

While exploring Southern Idaho, you’ll have plenty of options for lodging, from hotels to vacation rentals to RV parks, so plan on two days or more to make the most of the adventure opportunities the region holds.  




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