There’s Something for Everyone in The Palouse

Palouse, Pullman

There is no doubt the Palouse is one of the most spectacular areas in the world.  With rich, rolling farmlands, vivid colors and incredible contrasts, it’s a photographer’s dream and a visitor’s delight.

The Palouse region is over 3,000 square miles in size and filled with distinctive geological formations created millions of years ago by volcanic activity, the Great Missoula Flood and prehistoric wind storms.  These environmental events created the landscape that many call home and rely on for production of wheat, pulses, canola and so much more.

There are many opportunities to explore the natural landscapes of the Palouse.  Wiggle your toes in the sand at the dunes, bike the 38 miles of paved trails or play a round of golf at one of seven golf courses.  Visitors interested in hiking can get out and stretch their legs on the trails of Kamiak Butte or Steptoe Butte.  Make it to the top and find yourself enjoying a 360-degree view of the rolling hills of the Palouse.

Most who explore the Palouse region make Pullman, Washington, their home base for adventure.  Pullman is home to Washington State University and a vibrant community of locals with a passion for their region.  While in Pullman enjoy local craft beer and wine, dine on menus created with local foods and maybe even take in a live show at one of the local theatres. 

Pullman also serves as the hub for the Palouse Scenic Byway. Take a drive and explore 208 miles of scenic roadways and local communities.  Enjoy delicious foods and a charming community in Palouse, snap a photo of the iconic Dahmen Barn wagon wheel fence, or stroll down memory lane at the vintage Texaco Station in Rosalia. 

Other points of interest along the Palouse Scenic Byway include the Codger Pole in Colfax, the Mammoth Archaeological Site in Latah, the J.C. Barron Flour Mill in Oakesdale, the lich gate at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Palouse and the WSU Bear Research Facility in Pullman.

So why not come and explore? Get lost among the hills on the Palouse Scenic Byway or take in a PAC-12 football game at Martin Stadium in Pullman. Find hidden treasures while antiquing and enjoy a delicious lunch at a local bakery.  Don’t forget to grab the camera and capture your perfect moment on the Palouse.

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