The Herrett Center for Arts & Science, Twin Falls, Idaho

In a time when many of us are very focused on current events here on earth, it’s a welcome break to gaze upward to the skies beyond the realm of visible light. Where? At Idaho’s largest planetarium: The Herrett Center for Arts & Science at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls. 

The Herrett Center’s Faulkner Planetarium is showing “Unseen Universe,” an exciting look at cutting-edge astronomy that enables scientists to explore the Universe far beyond our human senses. And after the show, a live presenter will guide you on a tour of the night sky, including tips for locating the planets and constellations, and tell stories of ancient myths about the stars. “Unseen Universe” is a family-friendly show geared for everyone from the merely curious to budding astronomers to pros. 

The Herrett Center also has several galleries with a wide range of exhibitions. For example, “Journeys: Just Passing Through” exhibits artifacts from around the globe that examine human discoveries as we have moved from place to place on our planet and even to the moon. Another gallery with minerals and fossils displays the famous Huntington Canyon Mammoth, reason alone to visit The Herrett Center. 

Twin Falls is two hours from Boise, making a visit to The Herrett Center an easy day trip while in Boise.