The First Annual Klamath Basin Oktoberfest

Photo Courtesy of Discover Klamath

There aren’t many places on earth as scenic as Klamath County during the autumn season, a treat that many visiting the Southern Oregon area will get to take in this fall. Coming September 21 is the first annual Klamath Basin Oktoberfest. The event will take places at the Bill Collier Community Ice Arena at the Running Y Ranch Resort in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

The event is hosted by the Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA) and starting on the very same day alongside the famous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. The Klamath Basin Oktoberfest is a large, affordable, family-friendly event that brings together Southern Oregon’s very best in brewers, food vendors, entertainment and outdoor living, creating an experience that everyone can be a part of.

The event has been organized to promote Southern Oregon’s brewing products, giving tourists and area residents an opportunity to enjoy the many excellent offerings produced by local and regional breweries, where brewers such as the highly acclaimed Skyline Brewing Company, will be in attendance. Additionally, the Klamath Basin Oktoberfest has been designed to gather many of the basin’s tastiest food options for people to come out and savor, showcasing some of the top Klamath County restaurant vendors, including delicious offerings from the Ruddy Duck.

Lastly, unlike many events of this type, the event is designed to be inclusive to people of all ages, serving as a family friendly environment that will have lots to do and see in terms of games, activities and live entertainment. A major hallmark of Oregon culture is its amazing outdoor living and exemplary brewing industry, where event hosts, KCEDA, are inspired by to have this event be an opportunity to celebrate the many things that make Klamath County special, bringing together the people and businesses that make the beautiful, northwest community unique.

The Klamath Basin Oktoberfest also takes place at the same time as Crater Lake’s Ride the Rim event, presenting a great chance for those attending the popular cycling event to also visit Klamath Falls and participate in what is sure to be an amazing experience.

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