Talkeetna – The perfect stop on your way to Denali

One of Alaska’s most popular destinations is Denali, there visitors will find an abundance of wildlife, amazing scenery and endless hiking trails to explore. For travelers looking to break up the five-hour drive from Anchorage, the village of Talkeetna is the perfect midway point.  

Set on a ridge above Talkeetna on the south side of Denali is the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. The Lodge offers unforgettable views of Denali and the Alaska Range from the stunning patio, casual or fine dining highlighting Alaska specialties and offering the best wine selection in the neighborhood. The Lodge features 212 comfortable guest rooms with either beautiful forest views or stunning mountain vistas. 

Heading into the village, guests can explore historic buildings, local shops and restaurants. Among them is Homestead Kitchen. This new eatery opened in May 2022 and features a rustic ambience that is deeply influenced by its rugged and beautiful surroundings. The warm and inviting menu, created by Executive Chef Richard Pace, features fresh, locally sourced ingredients that deliver the unmistakable flavors of Alaska. Centered around fresh and hearty culinary creations with halibut, salmon and cod taking center stage. Dishes like the Miner’s Chile offer up enticing ingredients including smoked reindeer sausage and Alaskan Amber, while the Beast Burger features bison, elk and wild boar. 


“At Homestead Kitchen, we wanted to introduce new flavors from around the country, while maintaining a deep level of respect to Alaska’s traditional ways. Farm to table, fresh catch plates and an abundant use of locally sourced ingredients provide the foundation for Homestead Kitchen’s culinary experience,” said Pace, Executive Chef.  

Whether it is a stop to grab a bite to eat and stretch the legs or indulge in a longer stay at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge, Talkeetna is the perfect point to re-charge before continuing the Alaskan adventure. And while visiting, make sure to keep an eye out for Denali, Talkeetna’s second cat mayor. 



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