Table Rocks: A New Definition of Rocky

Photo Courtesy of Bureau of Land Management of Oregon and Washington

Near Medford, Oregon, Table Rocks resembles a giant, broken tree stump rising above the Upper Rogue River Valley. It’s a rich landscape that’s popular with hikers and campers, but dig deeper and you’ll discover a site of historical spiritual significance as well as rare species of plants and birds.

The Native American tribes of the Upper Rogue River Valley associated prominent natural features, like Table Rocks, with supernatural beings. They believed this location had metaphysical powers, and they prayed for abundance at the site with valuable offerings.

When visiting Table Rocks, you can choose from three hiking trails. The Oak Savannah Trail is a half-mile roundtrip that provides an easy start for beginners. Upper Table Rock is a 2.5 mile trail that is a mix of gravel and natural surface. Lower Table Rock is an almost 3-mile trail that is the most difficult and the least crowded of the three.

When you get to the top of Table Rocks, be sure to linger to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The mix of volcanic rock and forest will give a unique view and experience that you might not expect.

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