Sumpter Valley Railroad

Sumpter Valley Railroad

When planning a trip to Eastern Oregon, be sure to put the historic Sumpter Valley Railroad on your travel itinerary. Located 22 miles southwest of Baker City, Oregon, the railroad was established in 1897 to serve the area’s booming mining and lumber industries.

Sumpter Valley saw prosperous times from when the railroad was established up to the 1930s, when resources began to diminish. Eventually, the area was abandoned and stayed so until 1971, when a group of volunteers set out to rebuild and restore the Sumpter Valley Railroad.

Today, the destination serves as a window into this former gold-rush area’s past. Train rides, mine tours and festive events make Sumpter Valley a popular spot to visit. Whether you are a train enthusiast or trying to create some great family memories, Sumpter Valley makes for a perfect day trip from Baker City.

Bed down in Baker City at the historic Geiser Grand, a carefully restored hotel that once served folks that flocked to the area to strike it rich. Feeling hungry after a long day of family fun? Head to Paizano’s Pizza in Baker City.

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