Stomping Around Necanicum Estuary Natural History Park

The city of Seaside, wrapped around by a necklace of forest, coast, and river, is privileged to have such a stunning environment. Each park, storefront, and trail offers small insights into the community that supports it. Taking that early morning walk in such a magnificent area can lead to a plethora of treasures.

If you find yourself on the far Northwest point of Seaside you will be able to take a stroll in the Necanicum Estuary Natural History Park. The 20-acre site, including Neawanna Point, offers a unique, historical, and cultural value point for the Pacific Northwest. Marking the park is the historical moss-covered Reuben Snake Memorial. The stone statue sits at 7 feet and gives a sense of regality as it overlooks the estuary. Short trails allow the explorer to take a quick stroll around the entire property. Be careful not to trek too far, the land outside the petite fence is protected by the North Coast Land Conservancy.

On early mornings, being able to catch a glimpse of a herd of elk is the perfect treat. These majestic animals can bee seen in groups in the areas around Seaside. Please do not feed them and do not get too close. I suggest grabbing a picture from a safe distance away. Put that zoom-in lens to good use and go enjoy the Necanicum Estuary Natural History Park.