Spokane’s Public Art

Photo © Visit Spokane

Looking to appreciate beautiful art as well as the autumn air? Spokane hides a variety of art around town perfect for exploring the city and new art.

The most immediate find will be the Spokane sculpture art placed throughout Riverfront Park. The sculptures include a large reading chair constantly illuminated by soft lighting, a massive slide crafted in the shape of a Radio Flyer Wagon, and the Garbage Goat. Created by Sister Paula Turnbull, the Garbage Goat uses its vacuum-powered stomach to eat and compact garbage fed to it.

You can also find art on the walls of Spokane as well. As you tour Spokane, make sure to keep an eye out when going through underpasses or the downtown. Many of these areas are adorned with portraits and imagery. While many of these pieces are community projects, some were created by commissioned artists. Much of this art can be found on Howard St.

Some of Spokane’s art turns out to be the buildings themselves. Established in 1881, the Lady of Lourdes Cathedral has weathered various changes in structure – from a small wooden shack to the stained glass studded sanctuary of today. The cathedral still has its original Italian marble altar and W.W. Kimball organ, as well as multiple stained-glass windows portraying scenes from Judeo-Christian tradition.

For more information on Spokane, visit http://www.visitspokane.com/. For more information on the Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, go to http://spokanecathedral.com/.