Sloth Center

Photo Courtesy of the Sloth Center | By Greg Golliet

Two words: Sloth. Sleepover. Literally the stuff of dreams, the Sloth Center in Rainier, Oregon, offers sloth enthusiasts the opportunity to observe and interact with rescued and protected sloths in a safe and adorable environment. The Sloth Center is part of the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center and provides a long-term home for rescued sloths in their incredibly successful Sloth Species Survival Program.

While the center isn’t a zoo or technically open to the public, a few appointments per week are available for visitors to hang out with the “Ambassador Sloths.” The sleepovers are available about once per week. The guests get to spend the whole night, which is when sloths are most active, in a sloth habitat with a tent and their slow and sensitive hosts.

Shorter, standard hang out sessions allow individuals or small groups to feed, pet, watch and learn about sloths. Sometimes, when there is a baby sloth at the center that likes strangers, the center will open a few more exclusive timeslots for guests to hold and fall in love with the infant sloth.

Guests can also book sloth yoga, educational school fieldtrips and weddings at the center. For more information and to book an encounter, go to