Sleigh Ride with Hap and Florence Points

Photo Courtesy of Visit Idaho

What’s more fun than riding in a horse-drawn sleigh with the snow falling around you? A sleigh ride where you can watch elk in their natural habitat. Located south of Donnelly, Idaho, Hap and Florence Points Sleigh Rides allows the opportunity to see the animals up close.

When you arrive, the crunch of the snow under your feet will be the only sound. Make sure to be quiet to not disturb the elk that wander in the parking lot. As you get ready for the hour-long ride, bundle up with layers as well as blankets and hand and foot warmers—the weather can be changeable with wind, rain and snow, so the more layers, the more comfortable you’ll be.

As you are getting checked in, make sure to prepare your camera; there will be plenty of opportunities to take photos of the elk. The animals get very close to the sleigh, so be prepared for close-up shots. The sleigh carries hay for the elk, so they will eat right off the sleigh in front of you.

For lodging, Tamarack Ski Resort is located nearby. Hap and Florence Points Sleigh Rides requires advance reservations, so book ahead. For more information about the sleigh ride, go to For more information about the Tamarack Ski Resort, visit

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