Skwachàys Lodge, Vancouver B.C.’s Aboriginal Hotel

Photo © Skwachàys Lodge

Art hotels are sanctuaries that wrap us in a world of artistic expression, symbolism and introspection. They are to the mind and imagination as spas are to the body and spirit. In the urban heart of Vancouver, B.C., Skwachàys (pronounced “Squatch Eyes”) Lodge is a deep bow to Squamish cultural heritage. Guests of the lodge are immersed in the imagery, history and hospitality of the Northwest coastal First Nations people.

“Skwachàys” is the place name for the area at the head of Vancouver’s False Creek, where spring waters were a sacred portal into the spirit realm.

Walking through the front doors of Skwachàys Lodge, you enter a world that once defined the entire region and its people and that still defines the Squamish people. From the exterior motifs of the refurbished building, located downtown on West Pender, to the interior gallery and design of the guest rooms and furnishings, this boutique hotel is one of a kind. The transformation is the result of a close collaboration between seven artists and six top design firms. Each guest room in the lodge is unique with its own installation of original carvings, blankets and paintings. Guests take breakfast in a gallery surrounded by aboriginal art.

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