7 Reasons Why a Rural Escape is What You Need


Whidbey and Camano Islands are filled with amazing vistas and beautiful small towns. But, they’re loaded with things that are either quirky, fun, or unique to a rural landscape. So, when you’re ready to travel again, here’s an invitation to try to seek out unexpected things.

Classic Barns

These old-fashioned Americana symbols are very prevalent, with so much local farming done on both islands. Also, make sure to scan the menu when you stop for a meal, as many restaurants feature scrumptious ingredients from local farms.

Farm Stands

From fresh flowers and eggs to jams and preserves, with everything in between. You’ll see farm stands of all sizes and descriptions if you keep a careful eye out. Don’t hesitate to bring some homegrown produce back to the mainland.

Gail the Whale

With the public health crisis going on, it’s important to follow safety guidelines and look out for each other. You may see the friendly face of Gail the Whale around, reminding folks to wear their masks and keep a safe distance.

State Parks

There are eight state parks in the islands. Some even have cabins to rent including Deception Pass, Camano Island and Cama Beach. Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve on Whidbey Island is a conservation partnership with the National Park Service and offers great hiking trails and photo ops.

Public Art

Both islands are home to a wide community of talented artists. There’s no need to squeeze into a small gallery though, you can enjoy open air local art in public spaces all over the place. Be on the lookout for unique hidden creations, or ask for recommendations at one of the visitor centers.

Funny Names

If you live in a city, you might think of an address as a long string of numbers. Not here! Instead of a typical big avenue “somewhere”, you can enjoy street signs like Smuggler’s Cove Road and Huckleberry Lane. Or maybe you’d care to visit Possession Point or Mutiny Bay? Attraction and street names range from odd to lovely to hilarious, so keep your speed slow enough to enjoy the passing signs.


Who knew there were so many island wineries? Many are producing wines from estate vineyards with oddly named varietals like Madeline Angevine. Enjoy tasting safely on patios and peaceful outdoor spaces.

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