Seattle Distillery Tours

by Nick Neely | Photo © Local Craft Tours

While taking an afternoon to sample the finest alcohol in town always sounds like a swell idea, you’re likely to run into complications. Transporting yourself after your second or third taste becomes an issue, and nominating a designated driver will always leave someone out.

The Speakeasy Distillery Tour in Seattle not only solves this dilemma, but does so with style. As you take the tour, a Mercedes Sprinter will escort you through Seattle, playing jazz music reminiscent of backroom bars.

There’s more to your luxury cruise than just leather seats. Your driver serves not only as your tour guide, but also your bartender. While you visit each distillery and sample its wares, your driver will be crafting cocktails to hold you over during your commute from stop to stop. To fill your stomach and keep the alcohol at bay, the tour will supply you with a fresh delivery from the local Uli’s Sausage and a side of their exquisite sauerkraut.

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