ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum

Photo Courtesy of ScienceWorks Museum

ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum is the perfect place to spend an indoor day with family. This museum is focused on promoting learning through doing, so visitors can expect to truly engage with every exhibit. Though many of the attractions are aimed toward children, everyone can find something of interest at ScienceWorks.

Before entering the museum, take a stroll around the Black Bear Garden, which offers great views of nearby Grizzly Peak. The garden was designed with water conservation in mind and is filled with plants that thrive in drier climates.

Once inside the museum, explore the wealth of entertaining exhibits. Some highlights include Da Vinci’s Garage, a maker space where visitors can use the provided materials to build something creative. Another popular attraction is the Bubble-ology room, which teaches visitors about the science behind bubbles. Other exhibits allow you to see a beehive in action or pedal a bike to power a small train, and a special exhibit about Pterosaurs will be available through December 2018.

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This article appeared in our November/December, 2018 issue.