San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Friday Harbor

Photo ©  Island Museum of Art

The San Juan Islands Museum of Art (IMA) opened its long-awaited permanent residence in December 2014, making it the newest art museum in the Northwest. While artistry on the San Juan Islands is known to be phenomenal and varied, spaces to exhibit their pieces have been limited. The IMA hopes to become a major solution to that problem.

IMA is running its inaugural show “Illuminated: Glass by William Morris, 1998-2013” through May 12, 2015 in its glass atrium, a perfect space for showcasing Morris’ glass sculptures. Morris is an accomplished glass artist and instructor at the renowned Pilchuck School. His work draws inspiration from various cultures around the world, including Native American, and aims to evoke humanity’s unity with nature.

Located in Friday Harbor, the IMA occupies a re-purposed space, formerly dedicated to housing emergency vehicles. However, a soaring glass and steel atrium makes it an unusual and striking addition to this waterfront town.

If you’re interested in becoming more familiar with visual artists in the San Juan Islands or locating the artists to inquire about or purchase their work, IMA has an Artists Registry. More information about IMA is on their website at You can find information about visiting the San Juan Islands at