Salishan Resort Aerial Park

Photo Courtesy of Salishan Resort

The Salishan Resort Aerial Park is set within the magnificent forest on the resort’s grounds, giving visitors stunning views of Siletz Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Salishan Resort recently reinvented itself to better take advantage of its coastal forest setting with new features like its Aerial Park.

“We designed our Aerial Park to be a non-linear ‘choose your own adventure’ experience,” says Salishan Resort General Manager Ryan McCarthy. “We leave it to our guests to decide how daring they want to be and how fast or slow they want to travel. Participants can enjoy the natural beauty of the majestic Oregon coast and get in touch with nature as they test their fitness, daring and endurance high up in the trees.”

Aerial Park visitors do not need to be overnight guests of Salishan Resort. After gearing up and attending a thorough orientation, visitors climb a flight of stairs to one of the course’s 15 aerial platforms where their adventure begins. The course has 21 challenge elements—a series of obstacles, including bridges, cables and ropes of varying degrees of difficulty. Visitors navigate their way across the course and tackle the challenges presented by the various elements as they travel from platform to platform.

“The Salishan Resort Aerial Park is just one element of an exciting array of new adventure activities offered at Salishan Resort,” says McCarthy. “We offer our visitors a range of thrilling experiences designed to strengthen their minds, bodies and souls and leave them ready to enjoy a great meal and a well-earned beverage while relaxing by our outdoor fire pits at the end of the day.”

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