Roche Harbor National Recreation Trail

Photo © San Jaun Islands Visitors Bureau

Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island is well-known for its abundance of recreational activities, consisting of whale watching, kayaking and hiking. The 9.1 miles of Roche Harbor Trails possess an eclectic variety of scenery. From hiking through the northwest woods, open pastures, lagoons, pond-filled quarries and wildlife habitats, there is always something to see in this wide network of trails.

The Roche Harbor trails are connected to National Historic Park and National Monument lands. Hikers are able to explore the historic English Camp, a war campsite from the mid-19th-century Pig War, and the restored 19th-century limekilns. Visitors can climb Mt. Young, a 650-foot summit, and observe the views of the Olympic Peninsula.

Recently, the U.S. Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell and National Park Service Director Jonathon B. Jarvis declared the Roche Harbor Trails officially part of the National Recreation Trails. With that declaration, Roche Harbor and six other trails across the United States added more than 250 miles to the National Trails System.

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