Ride a Diggler in Missoula, Montana

Photo by Dan Leeth | Alamy Stock Photo

I’m not sure how adventure-loving think tanks keep coming up with new ways to enjoy summer, but they do. And I’m not complaining. Consider, for a moment, the Diggler mountain scooter. If you could marry the positive attributes of a scooter and a mountain bike, you would have yourself a mountain Diggler.

Maneuverable and built for rugged terrain, they are adept at going to many of the places you would on a mountain bike. But instead of a bike seat and pedals, you stand on a scooter-like platform allowing for stability and a welcomed “ease of bail” factor. Designed specifically to go downhill, they’re the perfect option if you like speed and thrills without huffing and puffing. Much like fat bikes did a few years ago, Digglers are beginning to gain in popularity―particularly at ski areas that offer rentals and lift-assisted downhill Diggler runs.

Last summer I took a trip to Missoula, Montana, to enjoy some of the area’s exceptional outdoor adventures. On a tube float down the Clark Fork River, a very helpful gentleman informed me that Snowbowl had scooters you could rent and take down the mountain. This was the first I had heard of such a thing and my interest was piqued.

Turns out, he was correct. You can get a lift pass and a Diggler for the day for $27, or you could just give it a trial run for $17. Not wanting to commit to a full day without giving this thing try, I opted for the trial run. It didn’t take long to understand the appeal. Just like a bike, you can go as fast as gravity and friction allow or ride the brakes to maintain a safer and more comfortable descent. Not being as young and resistant to bone breaks as I once was, I took it easy out of the gate. But after getting a feel for the way it handled, I opened her up a little and enjoyed a downhill run that alternated between adrenaline-inducing bursts of speed and “take it all in” stretches of slow rolling. And just like that, I was a fan of the Diggler and my trial run morphed into a day pass.

To check out Snowbowl’s Diggler, go to montanasnowbowl.com/diggler. To plan your stay in Missoula, Montana, go to destinationmissoula.org.