Pixiefest – Lincoln City, Oregon

Summer time memories of the Oregon Coast bring smiles to many faces…each smile as unique as the memory behind it. For many who visited Lincoln City, it was the famous Pixie Kitchen that brought miles of smiles to a generation of faces. And for two days, on June 24th and 25th, this beloved attraction comes back to life as Pixiefest.

Pixiefest brings magical family memories of the Pixie Kitchen and Pixieland Amusement Park to Chinook Winds Casino Resort. From 11am to 7pm on June 24th and noon to 5pm on June 25th, patrons can relive memories of these attractions while creating new ones. Enjoy rides, entertainment, live music and food infused with Pixie whimsy.

The Pixie Kitchen opened its doors on May 21st, 1953 in Wecoma Beach, Oregon. Owners Jerry and Lu Parks bought the restaurant from former owner T.C. Gallagher, who had called it Pixie Pot Pie. The Parks created a restaurant where families could enjoy an affordable meal and be transported to a magical fairy tale land. Special attention was given to children, who were viewed as customers, and were given place mats that folded into pixie hats and candy gifts. By the 1960s, the restaurant had become a popular tourist spot with the slogan “Heavenly Food on the Oregon Coast.” So much so that an amusement park inspired by the restaurant, called Pixieland, was opened just north of Lincoln City.

Riding on the success of Pixie Kitchen, in 1967 Jerry Parks envisioned a 57-acre “Fairytale Story of Oregon”. He unveiled plans to build Pixieland Amusement Park in the neighboring town of Otis. Opened in 1969, Pixieland was dedicated to the families of Oregon by Governor Tom McCall. Keeping in the fairytale theme of the Pixie Kitchen, Pixieland featured a steam locomotive, a log flume ride, and an opera house. Sadly, Pixieland would not survive the decade and closed its gates in 1974. 

For more information about Pixiefest, or to purchase tickets visit Pixiefest.com.