Paddling the Upper Klamath Canoe Trail

Photo Courtesy of Discover Klamath
Southern Oregon’s Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge consists of 15,000 acres of freshwater marsh, open lake and some forested uplands. These preserved wetlands and forests are crucial nesting grounds and habitats for many species of birds and other wildlife.
An excellent way to experience the refuge is by paddling all or a portion of the 9.5-mile Upper Klamath Canoe Trail, most of which traverses the Upper Klamath Marsh. The canoe trail is marked and is divided into four distinct segments: Recreation Creek, Crystal Creek, Wocus Cut and Malone Springs. Since two paddlers can cover two miles an hour, on average, paddlers should plan accordingly, factoring in time for the round trip.
Each segment of the Upper Klamath Canoe Trail offers a unique view of the marsh, and each can be accessed from either the Rocky Point or Malone Springs boat launches.
To find the canoe trail from Klamath Falls, drive west 25 miles on Highway 140, turn north onto West Side Road and follow the signs to Rocky Point boat launch. Malone Springs boat launch is 4 miles farther.
Rocky Point Resort ( rents canoes if you don’t have your own and offers lodging and dining right on the lake. Learn more about the refuge at Go to to plan your trip to Klamath County, Oregon.