From native salmon to Dungeness crab, and shellfish – ranging from delicate calms, buttery or brine mussels and oysters, to the enormous Geoduck – Washington’s Olympic Peninsula waters serve up a bountiful meal of delicious seafood to a hungry globe.

However, it isn’t without cost and concern as COVID contributes to seafood shortages. A recent Bloomberg News article titled “No Crabs, No Scallops: Seafood Is Vanishing From Menus in U.S.” served up the post-COVID problem succinctly:

“Just like in dozens of other overwhelmed industries in the booming economy, there are any number of factors causing the shortages and price spikes: The ports are congested; there aren’t enough fishermen; there aren’t enough truck drivers; demand for seafood at restaurants is soaring.”

Thanks to collaborative partnerships and simple, hard work, area restaurants and regional festivals are connected directly to local fishermen and suppliers with their own dedicated fishing boats. Assuring hungry visitors that there will be ample supply of fresh seafood for them to enjoy.

Spanning from the northeast to the west coastlines, and almost all of the Olympics jagged mountain peaks, Jefferson County, Washington is home to much of the culinary “bread basket” savored by fans of Olympic Coastal Cuisine. From generations-old shellfish beds along the Hood Canal, to world-famous cider makers dotting the route from Chimacum to Port Townsend, to destination dining in Port Ludlow and overlooking Kalaloch Beach, there are ample reasons to pack a big appetite when visiting the Olympic Peninsula.

For over a decade the Olympic Culinary Loop has celebrated the Olympic Peninsula’s sustainable and locally grown and harvested fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries, locally hunted game, bountiful local sea fare, and handcrafted local wines, offering farm-to-table experiences with a unique sense of place.

Prepared with reverence for the local history and culture, fresh Olympic Coast Cuisine is best enjoyed amid the beautiful scenery that surrounds the Olympic Culinary Loop.

While these are trying times, the Olympic Peninsula’s “LOOP” remains a delicious destination for authentic seafood. Explore, taste and enjoy what the Olympic Coast offers as you “Eat Local First – Olympic Peninsula.”



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