North-Central Washington Mountain Biking

Photo Courtesy of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

Take the mountains, rivers and valleys of the greater Wenatchee area, add 300 days of sunshine, and you’ve got the perfect destination to satisfy anyone who loves to get outdoors. In the Wenatchee area, one sport that’s growing in popularity is mountain biking due to the continual development of new trail systems. The sport attracts people of all ages, and no matter the cyclist’s experience and skill level, the Wenatchee Valley is full of routes that are virtually untouched.

Travis Hornby, the Central Chapter President of the Evergreen Mountain Biking (MTB) Alliance, has spent much of his life exploring Wenatchee’s mountain biking scene and now oversees the management and maintenance of trails in Central Washington. Here is the inside scoop on some of Hornby’s favorite routes:

The No. 2 Canyon Trail ( is ideal for mountain biking skills training. The Evergreen MTB Alliance has begun building out 20 miles of new trail, the first of which are opening in April 2019. A new skills park, gazebo, and the continuation of updating existing trails will make this network of trails a never-ending joyride.

The Devil’s Gulch Area ( is ideal for thrill seekers. Hornby’s favorite ride is Devil’s Spur to Mission Ridge to Devil’s Gulch—a 14-mile trail that can be tailored to create a ride that is almost exclusively downhill. This extensive trail system is just 30 minutes outside of downtown Wenatchee, leaving cyclists to create any number of exciting loops.

For those seeking scenic views, Sage Hills ( is the perfect route. In a landscape of wildflowers and wild grass with a good chance of spotting wildlife, this trail system has routes for both beginners and experienced riders—all with breathtaking views of the greater Wenatchee Valley.

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