National Neon Sign Museum

Photo by Nick Benko at

Located in the heart of The Dalles downtown historic district, the National Neon Sign Museum (NNSM) presents one of the best collections of American neon signage in the country. It captures the artistry and craftsmanship behind these works, and the iconic symbols of advertising in the collection reveal much about the shaping of American culture in the 20th century and even today.

The exhibits cover the evolution of the electric sign, from pre-electric and gold leaf signage to the invention and widespread use of plastic. The museum’s collection includes one of the largest assemblages of neon storefront signs in the world, some of which cannot be found anywhere else.

Highlights include the animated Dog n’ Suds sign, Howard Johnson’s Simple Simon, Greyhound Bus and one of the rarest groupings of West Coast petroleum signs ever assembled. Visitors will see much of the vast collection displayed on full- scale replicas of storefronts.

The NNSM is a unique addition to the Northwest’s family of museums; it is housed in the historic Elks Building, which has been preserved and repurposed as the home of the NNSM. To learn more, go to, and to plan your visit to The Dalles, go to