Museum of the North

Photo Courtesy of University of Alaska Museum of the North

Serving as the only teaching museum in Alaska, the Museum of the North focuses on the history and culture of Alaska, not only of its past but also Alaska today. Inside the museum, there are a variety of exhibits to discover in three main galleries, from natural and human history to art to science.

The Gallery of Alaska focuses on the state’s human and natural history. The Rose Berry Alaska Gallery displays the timeline of Alaskan art, from traditional to modern. Last, Natural Wonders is a collection of photographs taken by Michio Hoshino, who was killed by a bear on the job; the pictures give a glimpse of what Alaska wildlife is like, while honoring the late artist’s work.

A unique exhibit in the museum is called “The Place Where You Go to Listen,” a light and sound display that uses the Earth as a composer. The show correlates with moon phases and vibrations from the Earth. This allows you to see and even hear our planet in a whole new light.

When you leave the museum, you will have a new appreciation and knowledge on what it means to be in the North. For more information about the museum, go to To plan your visit to Fairbanks, go to

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