Montana Grizzly Encounter

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There’s nothing quite like seeing a grizzly bear up close. The Montana Grizzly Encounter, a Grizzly Bear Rescue and Education Sanctuary in Bozeman, Montana, let’s you do just that. This natural home for grizzlies was founded in 2004 and provides a spacious environment where visitors can come and see these majestic creatures.

Grizzly bears are found in only two percent of their original habitat in the lower 48, their population having sharply declined in recent decades. Montana Grizzly Encounter believes that the only way for these bears to grow as a species is to take an active role in their preservation and teach the public about bear safety and how to interact with these creatures in the wild. Four of their five bears were in captive situations that did not allow for re-entry into the wild. Montana Grizzly Encounter provides an opportunity for visitors to learn about these creatures in a safe and secure way, all while instilling the philosophy that bears are inherently wild and need a vast and natural space to live and flourish.

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