Main Oregon Trail Backcountry Byway


Follow the route of the pioneers by taking the Oregon Trail Backcountry Byway through the Southwest Idaho high deserts and canyonlands. This 102-mile scenic drive takes approximately six hours. 

You will be able to explore Oregon trail sites, visit Three Island Crossing State Park and see Conestoga wagon replicas. Along the journey you will see the pathways that the Native Americans and emigrants took to trek across tough Idaho terrain and river crossings. Enhance your adventure by stopping at these points of interest and overlooks: Snake River, Canyon Creek and Bonneville Point. 

Take a break from your drive and stop at one of the historical museums along the way in Mountain Home or Glenns Ferry. At the educational centers and historical museums, you can see full size replicas or even original tools, methods of transport and period photos. 

You will end this drive with a greater appreciation for the arduous overland journey pioneers took as well as learn about the encounters between the settlers and Native American tribes of the region. 

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