Love Cannon Beach Like a Local

Photo Courtesy of Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce

Everybody loves the beach, but Cannon Beach is more than just a beach and if you learn to love it like a local. It will reward you with memorable experiences that will find a special place in your heart forever. There’s no better place to look than to the people who live there for lessons on how to truly experience what a magnificent place it is. Here is one of the top ways to love Cannon Beach like a local:

It’s not always about sunny skies:

Although sunshine is always welcomed, the beauty of Cannon Beach is not just about sunny skies. Far from it. Cannon Beach has a year-round cool and mild marine climate filled with dramatic skies and ever-changing conditions. And locals love that. They understand that most of the time, only a rain jacket stands between them and the most authentic and transformative Oregon Coast experiences.

By dressing for the weather, their beach walks don’t have to be avoided or cut short by a passing shower, which means they don’t miss the rainbows and spectacular light show of sun breaks between weather systems. You might catch them lingering on the beach on an overcast day at the day’s end, because on those frequent occasions that the sun does make a last-minute appearance, the beauty of those particular sunsets is nothing short of life altering.

There’s no better day to venture into the rainforest than when it’s damp and cloudy, because those are the days that mist casts magic in the form of filtered beams of light through the giant spruce trees. Locals don’t care that it can be muddy. They have shoes for that and, after all, it is a rainforest.

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