Log Cabin Resort at Lake Crescent, WA

Located just west of Port Angeles, the Log Cabin Resort is an ideal getaway near the north shore of Lake Crescent. It is a rustic and charming lodge near the water’s edge where you can stay in a cabin, lodge room or chalet. Whether you are looking for a more traditional camping experience or you want luxury, the Log Cabin Resort has lodging for all tastes.

Being located by what is known as the sunny side of Lake Crescent, you are able to take advantage of the lake’s activities. This includes hiking, boating, swimming or just relaxing by the beach. Marymere Falls Trail is a two-mile walk near Lake Crescent that features a breathtaking waterfall. As you walk along the trail, you will experience what makes this area so special—towering trees, lush greenery and scenic rivers. You also can take a tour of Hoh Rainforest, which is one of the few temperate rainforests in the country. Located less than two hours from the resort, it is a great spot for hiking and wildlife viewing.

Plan your stay at Log Cabin Resort and enjoy the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.