Lincoln City, OR: The Kite Capital

Photo © Lincoln City Tourism

Known as the “kite flying capital of the world,” Lincoln City hosts two annual kite festivals, one during the summer in the month of June and one during the fall in October. Both festivals take place in the center of Lincoln City at the D River Wayside in front of the Pacific Ocean’s beautiful backdrop.

During festival weekends, witness performances by the best professional kite fliers in the sport and experience some of the most striking big show-kites ever seen. Professionals and teams perform acrobatic routines and provide demonstrations, while giant kites of all shapes, sizes and colors adorn the sky.

The 2014 Fall Kite Festival will take place October 4-5, 2014. Admission to Lincoln City’s Kite Festivals is free with kite flying action available for viewing all day long from 10am-4pm.

As typical of all Lincoln City Kite Festivals, other activities throughout the day include the Running of the Bols, which is a footrace across the beach with each participant harnessed with parachute kites, or explore the darker side of kite flying during the Rok Battle, where fliers duke it out with Japanese-style Rokkaku kites. For a more hands-on experience, try making a kite from scratch at a kite-making clinic or grab your kite and join other enthusiasts on the beach!

There is plenty for the kids too! Free kite making workshops for kids will keep them busy and they can show off their colorful creations at the kid’s parade. All kids receive a free passport to the event. Meet and greet featured kite fliers and collect autographs in the passport to win great prizes!

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