Koyukuk River Tribal Tours – Hughes, Alaska

A new, immersive travel experience launched this summer in Alaska’s Far North: Koyukuk River Tribal Tours. The tour company is an Alaska Native-owned Koyukon Athabascan tribal business, specifically owned by the Hudotl’eekkaakk’e Tribe (Hughes Village Council).

Koyukuk River Tribal Tours provides guests a short glimpse into life in rural Alaska and an Alaska Native community from those who live in the community. The Koyukon Athabascan people have been living a subsistence lifestyle in the Alaska wilderness for thousands of years, and, on the tours, they strive to share their stories and culture with guests.

Guests choose from a three- or six-day guided river and camping eco-tour on the beautiful and remote Koyukuk River with Koyukon Athabascan guides. This rare experience appeals to guests passionate (or simply curious) about experiential travel and who seek to expand their world view by learning about cultures far removed from their own.

Koyukuk River Tribal Tours won first place in the inaugural Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) 2016 Alaska Tourism Shark Tank competition. Besides providing an immersive cultural and wilderness experience for guests, the company also hopes the enterprise will provide much-needed economic growth in their community, where jobs are scarce.

To learn more and to book a tour, go to krttalaska.com. For travel in Alaska, visit travelalaska.com.