Kodiak Brown Bear Center

Photo © US Fish and Wildlife Service

Just as the leaves begin to fall from the trees, the bears of Kodiak, Alaska, come out to feed before hibernation. With Kodiak’s wildlife out and about gearing up for winter, autumn is the perfect time to visit.

Complete with luxury guest cabins and gourmet meals, the Kodiak Brown Bear Center is one-stop shopping for those who want to be up close and personal with the Kodiak brown bear. Small tour groups offer a more intimate look at the wildlife that isn’t available on larger tours. There are no boardwalks or windows to watch through, just you, your guide and Mother Nature.

The facility has exclusive access to 112,000 acres around Karluk Lake that are largely untouched by humans. There are three different viewing locations: the Karluk River Outlet in the north, Thumb River toward the middle of the lake, and the O’Malley River at the southern end. These are ideal viewing locations as the bears are hunting for salmon moving through the streams. The center runs tours from mid-July through October 17, offering a premier bear-viewing experience.

For more information on the Kodiak Brown Bear Center, visit kodiakbearcenter.com. To learn more about Kodiak, go to kodiak.org.