Kirkland’s Public Art

Walking the downtown center and lakefront of Kirkland, Washington, is like strolling through a gallery. The city has made a significant investment in art in public places to the delight of Kirkland’s outdoors-oriented residents and its visitors. In Kirkland, a certain degree of playful whimsy rules.

A sunny spring day is just made for exploring Kirkland, including its collection of public art. Start with a walk along the waterfront on Lake Washington Blvd, where you’ll encounter awkward bronze children in “First Romance” at Houghton Beach Park and bronze children suspended midair in “Leap Frog”. At the park bench on Kirkland Ave. and Main St., cozy up next to Betty Lou, but expect the cold shoulder―after all, she is bronze.

Along downtown’s Park Lane, the city’s boutique shopping corridor, sculptures share the sidewalk with trees and pedestrians. This is a rotating exhibit, and the works here are for sale.

In all, an exploration of Kirkland reveals a collection of more than 30 sculptures placed throughout the city’s public spaces. To find the locations of and details about Kirkland’s public art, go to Also, it’s easy to locate public art anywhere with the STQRY phone app. To plan your visit to Kirkland, whether for a day or a weekend getaway, go to