Kenmore Air’s Wild Orca Seaplane

Photo © Kenmore Air

Have you ever flown in the belly of flying killer whale? Now you can. Kenmore Air has launched it’s latest concept in air travel: a flying orca. Actually, the Wild Orca Seaplane is a 1954 deHavilland Otter in killer whale camouflage.

Working in collaboration, Kenmore Air and Wild Orca, a Washington State non-profit organization, are spreading awareness about the Pacific Northwest’s struggling population of endangered Killer Whales. This 10-seat aircraft will carry an estimated 10,000 passengers a year and will be seen in the skies above Washington and British Columbia by thousands more. In addition to the launch of this flying ambassador for wild orcas, all Kenmore Air aircraft will carry educational information for passengers about Killer Whales and simple things people can do to improve and protect their environment.

Wild Orca was founded by two Kenmore pilots, Michael Hays and Anna Gullickson, to support the efforts of individuals and organizations that research, protect and provide public education for the well being of wild orca populations.

If you’re in Washington or British Columbia and you spot a small plane overhead, look closely—it just might be the Wild Orca. And when you book a ticket on Kenmore Air, ask if you’ll be flying in the Wild Orca seaplane.

To book a flight on Kenmore Air, go online at To learn more about Wild Orca, go to