Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area

Photo Courtesy of Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Tucked into Northwest Oregon’s backcountry near the coast is Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area, a well-kept secret when it comes to viewing wildlife, such as black-tailed deer, elk and a variety of birds. Winter is one of the best times to view large herds of elk that assemble at Jewell Meadows to feed.

Beginning December 1, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offers free wagon tours at 9:00 a.m. every day to allow you to get close to the elk as they feed. On the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to feed hay to the elk from the wagon.

Reservations for the tours fill up fast, so call (503) 755-2264 on or after December 1 to claim your spot. If you don’t manage to snag a reservation, never fear: there are plenty of other places around the park from which to observe the wildlife. If you plan on driving, look out for pullout viewing areas, and tune your car radio to station 530 AM to hear information about Jewell

Meadows and its animal populations. Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area is located about 45 minutes inland from Seaside, Oregon. To learn more about Jewell Meadows, including directions, go to the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife website at and search for Jewell Meadows. For other activities in Seaside and the surrounding area, visit

This article appeared in our November/December, 2018 issue.