Indulge in a Chocolate Tour

By Nancy Mueller | Photo © Savor Seattle

AS ANYONE INSPIRED BY THE FILM WILLIE WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY KNOWS: The quest to find one’s own chocolate wonderland is never ending. But where Charlie required a golden ticket to enter the famed chocolate factory, thankfully we can simply sign up for a tour to get our chocolate fix. Whether your goal is to be educated, entertained or showered with chocolate tastings, here are three fan favorites to get you started:

Savor Seattle Chocolate Indulgence Tour

For an overview of the Seattle chocolate scene, start with Savor Seattle’s Chocolate Indulgence Tour. With over sixteen decadent sweets to sample, you’ll be glad for the chance to walk between sites on the itinerary that includes: Cupcake Royale, to taste the ever popular dark chocolate cupcake milkshake made with Theo Chocolate; Chocolate Box, to learn where chocolate comes from while you indulge in artisan truffles; Fran’s Chocolates, where asking “What chocolate do you use?” will win you more scrumptious chocolate delights; and Dahlia Bakery, for a piece of restaurateur Tom Douglas’ world-renown triple coconut cream pie. Tip: Bring a container just in case you can’t finish the abundance of chocolate snacks on tour.

Theo Chocolate

Don your hairnet, then have a seat as you discover the story and mission behind Theo Chocolate, the first organic fair trade certified chocolate maker in the U.S.. Enjoy a range of Theo’s darkest-to-lightest chocolate marvels while watching a short film about the chocolate producing process. Wonder where Theo’s magic happens? Take a walking tour of the 20,000 square foot facility for a peak at the chocolate pipeline that moves finished liquid chocolate into holding tanks. Continue into the kitchen to learn how ganache (melted chocolate and cream used for icing and filling) is made, and, happily, to nibble on more chocolate. Wrap up your tour with a browse through the specialty gift shop.

Portland’s Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour

Head to the heart of Portland to eat, sip and savor your way through the diversity of flavors and forms, from bars to cocktails to nibs, on Portland’s Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour. For CEO David Schargel, the joy of Portland’s chocolate journey lies in revelation: “I adore that people who weren’t fans, or who come in predisposed, and walk away with new understanding.” Think you know your way around chocolate? Try a taste of dark chocolate balsamic vinegar. Bite into a Moonwalk bar infused with pop rocks. How about a chocolate martini or non-alcoholic decadent drinking chocolate? Covering less than a mile and a half over two and a half hours, the tour includes chocolate tasting tips, along with fun trivia questions to challenge even true aficionados.